An Institutional History of Nayong Pilipino Foundation, 1970-2015
Patrick James B. Serra

Serra, Patrick James B.2023 “An Institutional History of Nayong Pilipino Foundation, 1970-2015.” Nayon: Journal of Natural and Cultural Heritage Inaugural Issue, Volume 01.


Dubbed as a one-stop tourist spot, Nayong Pilipino (Philippine Village) Park is an amalgamation of everything “Filipino” designated in a compact site for people to conveniently explore and experience. It can be traced back from the revival of a defunct plan to establish a souvenir shop for native crafts and products in the Cultural Center Complex. This historical research paper focuses on the institutional history of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation and itspark from 1970 to 2015, being that 1970 was the year that the park was inaugurated and 2015 was set as the year that will be apt for hindsight about the foundation. Moreover, this paper presents a historical outline of the park and its foundation, therebytraces and draws patterns of its dynamic changes throughout time. Furthermore,the narrative will be divided into two periods: (1) Nayong Pilipino Parkin Pasay (1970 – 2004) and; (2) Nayong Pilipino Park in Clark Exposition(2007 – 2015).  Discussion about the in between the years of its hiatus is also provided in the paper. The methodology of the research is a mixture of archival sources (composed of official reports and newspaper clippings), an oral interview and secondary sources, primarily exploring the philosophy and nature of cultural heritage and tourism in the country vis-à-vis the international scene. Ultimately, in its almost six decades of existence, this paper asserts its continued relevance in the contemporary times and humbly offers insights for the future administration, researchers and enthusiasts alike to consider and ponder.

Keywords: cultural tourism, Philippine heritage, Philippine studies, theme park