Graduate Programs

The graduate program consists of the Master of Arts (History)  and Doctor of Philosophy (Histyory) programs. It aims to provide advanced training for scholars who seek to specialize in Philippine History. Emphasis is placed on research based on primary sources and current historical methodologies.

Graduate students are required to take courses in Philippine history with focus on the various time periods and themes. Another major requisite for the completion of the program is the production of a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation. For those in the Ph.D. program, an additional comprehensive exam is also required.


M.A. History Program of Study

* 15 units in history

* 9 units in cognate discipline

* 6 units in Master’s Thesis


Ph.D. History Program of Study

* 24 units in history

* 15 units in cognate discipline

* 12 units in Doctoral Dissertation


Graduate Program Course Catalog


  • Kas 202 The Philippines, 1521 – 1600
  • Kas 203 The Philippines During the 17th and 18th Centuries
  • Kas 204 The Philippines During the 19th Century
  • Kas 205 The Commonwealth of the Philippines
  • Kas 206 Seminar on Contemporary Problems in Asia
  • Kas 207 The Philippine Revolution, 1896-1897
  • Kas 208 The Philippine-American War, 1898-1901
  • Kas 209 Selected Topics in Philippine History
  • Kas 210 Problems in the Interpretation of Philippine History
  • Kas 226 Seminar on United States Policy in Asia 
  • Kas 230 The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, 1941-1945
  • Kas 250 Seminar in Philippine History
  • Kas 297 Teaching of History in the Tertiary Level: Theory and Practice
  • Kas 298 Philippine Historiography I
  • Kas 299 Philippine Historiography II
  • Kas 300 Master’s Thesis
  • Kas 301 Seminar on Local/Oral History
  • Kas 302 Seminar on Imperialism and Colonialism
  • Kas 321 Seminar on Spanish Colonialism in the Philippines
  • Kas 322 The Philippines in Southeast Asia: Seminar in Comparative History
  • Kas 323 Seminar on the Evolution of American Policies in the Philippines
  • Kas 324 Seminar on Philippine History
  • Kas 325 Seminar on Philippine Post-War Problems
  • Kas 326 Seminar on the Development of Philippine Radicalism
  • Kas 327 Seminar on the History of Social Movements in the Philippines
  • Kas 328 Seminar on Contemporary Philippines
  • Kas 329 Seminar on the Muslims in the Philippines
  • Kas 330 Seminar on the Ethnic Histories of the Philippines
  • Kas 341 Comparative Revolutions in the Southeast Asia
  • Kas 342 Readings in Southeast Asia
  • Kas 343 Advanced Readings in Southeast Asian History
  • Kas 351 Seminar on Contemporary Developments in East Asia
  • Kas 361 Seminar on South Asia
  • Kas 371 Seminar on Latin-America
  • Kas 381 Seminar on Africa and the Middle East
  • Kas 398 Problems in Historiography
  • Kas 399 Dissertation Research Seminar
  • Kas 400 Dissertation