Guerrilla Days in the Philippine South 1942-1945
Cesar P. Pobre, Ph.D. and Ricardo T. Jose, Ph.D.

Pobre, Cesar P. and Ricardo T. Jose. Guerrilla Days in the Philippine South 1942-1945. Quezon City: Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, 2022. 679 pages.


The first comprehensive account of the Filipino and American guerrilla resistance movement in Mindanao and Sulu during the Second World War. Utilizing heretofore untapped Philippine, American and Japanese primary sources, the book details heroism during the defense of Mindanao and Sulu during the Japanese invasion, the spontaneous development of anti-Japanese resistance groups including Christian, Muslim and indigenous Filipinos, the consolidation of these resistance groups into the Tenth Military District and the Sulu Area Command, and the key role these guerrillas played in the liberation of the area from Japanese rule. This is the first time a Filipino perspective is used to examine the largely unknown campaigns in the Philippine South.