Graduate Students

  • Veronica B. Sison

    Master of Arts (MA) in History, ongoing.

    BA Social Sciences (History), University of the Philippines Baguio, 2018.

    Researcher, Local Government Unit of Binalonan, Pangasinan.

    Overseas Research Assistant, National University of Singapore.

    “My research centers on the Cold War production of knowledge and on historiography, as well as on early-twentieth-century labor and migration history. I grew up in Luzon’s central plain and was often fascinated by my community’s eye-witness accounts of the Huk rebellion. The revolt broke out 60 years ago and marked the height of the country’s Cold War narrative. But where were my townmates’ stories and perspectives in this popular and scholarly narrative?

    In 2019, I began interviews funded by the grant titled “Reconceptualizing the Cold War: On-the-ground Experiences in Asia,” a research project led by Prof. Masuda Hajimu of the National University of Singapore. I hypothesize that the uprising cannot be understood merely as a polarized narrative between communists and the government. Nor was it simply a tear in our country’s social fabric. I suspect it was very much about identity, modernity, and nationalism.

    A second project I am working on is the 19th century migration of Ilocanos into Pangasinan and their eventual migration to the United States in the early 20th century. I am interested in the afterlives of these migrants—how they shaped the histories of Philippine-US’ labor and civil rights movements.

    At the UP Departamento ng Kasaysayan, I have been enriched by some of the most talented and competent people inside and outside the classroom. The department’s linkages and projects, have exposed me to archival repositories and pushed me into new trajectories of historical inquiry and methodology.”

  • Patrick John F. Mansujeto

    Student, Master of Arts (MA) in History, ongoing.

    BSE History, Philippine Normal University, 2012.

    “My research interest focuses on the history of aviation and naval history in the Philippines. In researching the early aviation history of the Philippines, I look into how the introduction of technology of flight by the Americans complimented in their benevolent assimilation policy. I examined photos, airplane design blue prints, memorabilia and airshow tickets from the Smithsonian National Space and Air Museum. I also explored the naval history of the Philippines when I serve as Defense Analyst at the Office of the Naval Strategic Studies. My studies focus on narrating the service history of the Legacy Ships/ World War II-era vessels of the Philippine Navy. I also proposed to conserve one of the Legacy Ships into the Philippines’ first memorial/museum ship following the approach of Public History. In addition, I also use the institutional history of the Philippine Navy to offer strategic lessons and insights to strengthen naval diplomacy with our allies. Due to my research focus, I was chosen by the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) as International Scholar for 2020-2021.

    The Department of History deepened my understanding of the discipline of history. Primarily, it widened my knowledge of Philippine History and its various repository of primary sources. I also learn a lot on the different approaches and framework of history such as public history, social history, local history, and many more. It is actually the Department of History that inspire me to explore my current research focus align with its effort to diversify the study of history in the Philippines. Furthermore, my learning from the Department also help me as learning resource developer for Araling Panlipuan for various publishing houses and learning materials provider.”

  • Janet S. Reguindin-Estella

    Student, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in History, ongoing.

    BA History, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2003.

    MA History, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2009.

    Lecturer, Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University.

    “Malaking bahagi ng aking pagiging guro ng Kasaysayan ngayon ay mula sa kaalaman at kasanayang natutunan ko mula sa UP Departamento ng Kasaysayan. Sa mga kursong gradwado, patuloy akong natututo hindi lamang sa aking mahuhusay na Propesor kung hindi maging sa mga kapwa mag-aaral mula sa iba’t ibang disiplina at larangan.

    Mula sa mga karanasan at natutunan bilang gradwadong mag-aaral ng departamento, naging interesado ako sa mga pag-aaral tungkol sa Kasaysayang Buhay, mga pananaliksik tungkol sa Kababaihan at sa kasalukuyan ay nag-aaral tungkol sa Kasaysayang Pampook kaugnay ng Kasaysayang Pangkapaligiran.”


    Navarro, Atoy M., Orillos-Juan, Ma. Florina Y., Regundin, Janet S., Elumbre, Adonis L. (eds.) 2012. Kasaysayang Pampook: Pananaw, Pananaliksik, Pagtuturo. UP Lipunang Pangkasaysayan.









    Mallari, Aaron Abel T., Reguindin-Estella, Janet S., and Wani-Obias, Rhodalyn C. 2018. The Life and Works of Rizal. C&E Publishing.







  • Ian Christopher B. Alfonso

    Student, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in History, ongoing.

    Senior History Researcher, National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

    BSED Social Studies, Bulacan State University, 2010.

    MA History, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2018.

    “I obtained my formal degree in history from UP History Department. The institution continuously challenges, improves, and polishes my writing and perspectives, especially on my research interests, namely local history (focus on Pampanga and Bulacan), Philippine Revolution, and early colonial history (focus on Manila Bay communities). I owe to the program and to the Department several opportunities and networks. I also ascribe to the Department my advocacy to bring Philippine history closer to common people, especially the students and young ones. Moreover, I am equally grateful to the Department for ingraining in me further the call to serve the people through historical research and education–the very reason why I made my Master of Arts in History thesis available to everyone, preempting whatever publication opportunities it might have. But most importantly, I treasure the experiences and the friendships among former and current graduate students. To be among the products of the Department is an honor.”


    Published Works

    Alfonso, Ian Christopher B. 2016. The Nameless Hero: Revisiting the Sources on the First Filipino Leader to Die for Freedom. Angeles City: Holy Angel University Press.



    Alfonso, Ian Christopher B. 2016. Jose Ma. Panganiban – Bansay Bikolnon Biography Series. Naga: Ateneo de Naga University Press.








    Alfonso, Ian Christopher B. 2017. Muling Pagbasa sa Jocelynang Baliwag: Paglutas sa Problemang Historikal ng Tinaguriang “Kundiman ng Himagsikan”. Makiling: Philippine High School for the Arts.

  • Mary Josefti C. Nito

    Student, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) History, ongoing.

    Instructor, History Department, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Asia & the Pacific

    Master of Arts in Humanities
    University of Asia and the Pacific, Pasig City, Philippines (2009)

    Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
    University of Asia and the Pacific, Pasig City, Philippines (2007)

    The graduate classes in the Department always encouraged stimulating discussions and submission of papers grounded in archival research. I appreciate the wide array of research interest that the profs of the Department allow and encourage for the classes.

    One of the most memorable class for me is a seminar class with Dr. Abrera and I like that she really pushed us to present our research output in conferences and to submit them for publication. With the support of the Department and my adviser, I was able to present my study in several national and even international conferences. Last 2018 I was able to present my study ‘Inang Maria: Hagiography, Spatiality of Belief and Local Histories’ in Ronse, Belgium. This is a paper I wrote for one of the classes in the Department and with the support of my adviser, I was able to get a travel grant from the Office of International Linkages – UP System. This paper eventually became the introduction to my dissertation on the History of Marian Devotions in Luzon from 1603 to 1788.

    In 2019, I was able to join a special paleography workshop/class that the Department organized primarily for their faculty members conducting research on Spanish archival documents. They opened it to graduate students and I was fortunate enough to be able to join the workshop. This is one of the many concrete ways the Department enables its graduate students to forge their own paths as scholars in Philippine History.

    All in all, as an early career scholar I am very grateful for the many research and learning opportunities that opened for me as a graduate student of the UP Department of History.