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Ariel C. Lopez is Assistant Professor at the History Department of UP Diliman and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Philippine Social Sciences Review. He obtained his PhD in History (cum laude) from Leiden University, The Netherlands. He likewise received Research Master’s (MPhil) and BA (cum laude) in History from Leiden University. He also holds a BA History (summa cum laude) degree from UP.

A. EDUCATION (Most recent degree first)
  • Name of school
    Leiden University, Netherlands
    Degree w/ year attained/expected to attain
    PhD, cum laude (2018)
    Dissertation/Thesis Title
    “Conversion and Colonialism: Islam and Christianity in North Sulawesi, c. 1700-1900”
  • Name of school
    Leiden University, Netherlands
    Degree w/ year attained/expected to attain
    Research Masters (M.Phil.) (2012)
    Dissertation/Thesis Title
    ‘Family and Politics in Maguindanao, c. 1680-1760’
  • Name of school
    Leiden University, Netherlands
    Degree w/ year attained/expected to attain
    BA History (cum laude) (2010)
  • Name of school
    University of the Philippines, Diliman
    Degree w/ year attained/expected to attain
    BA History (summa cum laude)
  • Early modern Southeast Asia
  • Early Islam and Christianity in Indonesia and Philippines
  • “Kinship, Islam, and Raiding in Maguindanao, c. 1760-1780.” In Warring Societies of Pre-Colonial Southeast Asia: Local Cultures of Conflict Within a Regional Context, edited by Michael Charney and Kathryn Wellen. Copenhagen: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2018.
  • “An exploration into the political background of the Maguindanao ‘piracy’ in the early eighteenth century.” In Piracy and surreptitious activities in the Malay Archipelago and Adjacent Seas, 1600-1840, edited by Y. H. Teddy Sim, 105-120. Singapore: Springer, 2014.
  • (with Kathryn Anderson Wellen) “Traversing the Malay-Indonesian World: An Interview with Leonard Andaya.” Itinerario: International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction [Cambridge University Press] 38, no. 1 (2014): 7-12.
  • “Review of Hayden White: The Historical Imagination by Herman Paul.” Social Science Diliman [University of the Philippines] 7, no. 2 (2011): 101-104.
  • “Review of Strange Parallels: Southeast Asia in Global Context, c.800-1830, 2 vols, by Victor Lieberman.” Social Science Diliman [University of the Philippines] 6, no. 2 (2010): 100-103.
  • “Of Arms and Strategy: Piracy and the Netherlands Indies Government.” Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs [Canberra, Australia] 44, no. 1 (2010): 191-222.
  • Encompass/Cosmopolis Scholarship (Institute for History, Leiden University), 2009-2015
  • Dissertation Workshop Grant (Social Science Research Council, New York, USA), 2015
  • Bangkok (Thailand) 2017, ‘Public History and the Historian’s Craft: Local History’s Challenge to the National Narratives in Indonesia and the Philippines’, Public History in Southeast Asia sponsored by the Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP)/ Toyota Foundation, Chulalongkorn University.
  • Paris (France) 2016, ‘Between hierarchy and equality: Religious Conversion, Status and Power in North Sulawesi, c. 1700-1900’, Séminaire Générale du Centre Asie du Sud-Est (Légitimation des élites : formulation, appropriation et mise en œuvre de processus de changement), Centre Asie du Sud-Est- École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).
  • Manila (2016), ‘Religious Conversion and Cosmopolitanism:Comparative Points from Early Modern Island Southeast Asia’, Third Cosmopolis Conference: Philippine Crossings: Entangled Voices between Oceans, c. 1500-1800, National Historical Commission of the Philippines.
  • Chicago (USA) 2015, ‘Conversion and Colonialism: The Making of Islam and Christianity in North Sulawesi, c. 1800-1900,’ AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop Series, organized by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS).
  • Alor Setar (Malaysia) 2014, (co-author: David Henley) ‘Slavery and globalization in Southeast Asian Historiography: labour demand, status rivalry, and military capability in Sulu slave raiding, 1750-1900,’ 23rd International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA) Conference.
  • Yogyakarta (Indonesia) 2014. “Politics and Religious Conversion in Minahasa, Sangir and Bolaang Mongondow in the Nineteenth century,” Cosmopolis Conference: The Making of Religious Traditions in the Indonesian Archipelago: History and Heritage in Global Perspective (1600-1940), organized by Leiden University and Universitas Gadjah Mada.
  • Manila (Philippines) 2014. ‘Kinship and Identities in Eighteenth Century Maguindanao’, Plural Identities in Southeast Asia, workshop organized by the Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP).
  • Manila (Philippines) 2013. ‘Maguindanao in the 18th century from the Dutch Sources’, International Conference on Muslim Philippine Historiography After Majul, organized by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).
  • Lisbon (Portugal) 2013. ‘Politics and the Maguindanao Raids, c. 1760-1780’, 7th European Association for Southeast Asian Studies Conference (EUROSEAS), Universidade de Lisboa.
  • Manila (Philippines) 2012. ‘History and the Bangsamoro Identity’, Forum on Plural Identities: The State and Globalization, organized by the Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP), National Historical Commission of the Philippines.
  • Colombo (Sri Lanka) 2011. ‘Divergent Narratives of Two Sultanates: Magindanao and Sulu in the 18th century’, The Rise of Asia’s Maritime Frontiers: Old and New Regimes at the Interface of Coast and Interior, c. 1650-1720, Third Encompass Conference.
  • Leiden (The Netherlands) 2011.‘C.M. Schwaner (1818-1851) and the Foundations of Coal Mining in South Borneo,’ Unravelling the Archives of Natuurkundige Commissie voor Nederlandsch Indië (1820-1850), Nederlands Centrum voor Biodiversiteit (NCB)- Naturalis.
  • Kas 1 (Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas)
  • Kas 2 (Ang Asya at ang Daigdig)
  • Kas 100 (Introduction to World Civilizations)
  • Kas 116 (Philippine Nationalism)
  • SEA 30 (Asian Emporiums: Networks of Culture and Trade in Southeast Asia)
  • Secretary and Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Tayabas (Quezon) Studies and Creative Writing Center, Inc., 2009- present